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Complete package for pressure measurement,

Complete package of pressure measurement technology

We provide a comprehensive range of pressure devices for your measuring requirement

Pressure and differential pressure sensors are used in a variety of processes to measure liquid, paste or gas media can be used for pressure, level or flow measurements. Our application-specific pressure and differential pressure sensors offer you the highest plant availability and safety. The devices can be used in chemical, food and beverages industries as well as environmental industries.

With us as your partner, you have access to all aspects of pressure measurement technology.

We offers a complete range of services for pressure measurement technology – from engineering and project management to measuring devices and accessories through to pre-assembled solutions and attractive life cycle management.

Engineering - Applicator "Sizing Diaphragm Seal"

The Applicator tool "Sizing Diaphragm Seal" allows you to configure diaphragm seal systems safely. These systems protect the electronics at high process temperatures. Safe design means that errors can be avoided and devices can be optimized.

The Applicator is a unique selection and sizing tool that allows you to plan your measuring points quickly and reliably while also reducing the failure rate.

Applicator Sizing Diaphragm Seal >>>

Flow measurement based on differential pressure method


A differential pressure transmitter is used to measure flow via the differential pressure method. A cross-section restriction in the pipe increases the flow velocity of the medium while decreasing the static pressure at the same time. Before and after the restriction a differential pressure is formed which is used as a measure for the flow rate.

The volume flow in the pipe can thus be determined. The differential pressure method is suitable for all media types and process pressures as well as for high process temperatures.

You provide us with your process data and we deliver the perfect flow measurement system to you. Our solution includes the differential pressure transmitter, the dimensioning and the delivery of a pre-assembled measuring section.

Video explaining flow measurement using the differential pressure method >>> (German)

Accessories from A to Z - everything pre-assembled


As one of the world's leading manufacturers of pressure measurement technology, Endress+Hauser provides an extensive range of accessories around the transmitter. You will find the perfect shutoff for universal use in all areas. Protect your measurement technology against heat, cold, dust or moisture using correctly pre-assembled protection boxes.

Fast and efficient – with Endress+Hauser as your partner, you can avoid unnecessary interfaces and thus save time and money. You will receive all accessories and products pre-assembled in one package.

Overview of accessories for pressure measurements (PDF) >>>

Customer-specific documentation

Detailed and specific measuring point documentation is important in order to set up the process correctly and react quickly in the event of a fault. You will have all relevant information quickly to hand with Endress+Hauser as your partner. The scope of the documentation includes the following:

  • Hookups

  • Parts list

  • Operating Instructions

  • Technical information

  • Certificates

  • Approvals

  • 2D/3D drawings

  • Device Viewer

All pressure and differential pressure products at a glance


  • With a wide range of sensor technology and device segmentation, we offer instruments which perfect fit for any kind of application

  • Industry relevant approvals and certifications like ATEX, EHEDG, SIL, WHG, 3A, etc.

  • Capacitive sensor technology with ceramic membrane: Pressure transmitter with corrosion-resistant, oil-free measuring cell offers you high robustness, complete vacuum resistance and reliable use up to 150°C

  • Piezo-resistive measuring cell with fully welded, seal-free and small flush-mounted process connections

  • Various diaphragm seals are also available for applications in larger temperature ranges or for vibrations in high temperature ranges


    Pressure Measurement Overview brochure

    Products and services of our pressure measuring technologies at a glance