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The Spirit of Endress+Hauser

Our corporate culture captured in words

Simply knowing the written laws of the company is not enough – what matters is to live up to the corporate culture. The Spirit of Endress+Hauser puts the values and convictions that are important to us into words.

Endress+Hauser employees in a meeting ©Endress+Hauser


We stand out through our personal, customer-oriented,competent and reliable engagement.

  • We lead by setting examples

  • We challenge and support our employees

  • We encourage individual development

  • We live up to our convictions

  • We never give up

  • We work well together

  • We put common interest before self-interest

  • We trust people with responsibility


We demonstrate excellence through our outstanding, solutions-oriented, innovative and valuable services.

  • Quality first

  • Our work is important to our customers

  • We serve our customers and learn from them

  • We learn from mistakes

  • Doing the same things, the same way, and right from the beginning

  • We solve problems at their source


We act responsibly and independently, while being values-conscious and protective of the environment, thus strengthening sustainability at all levels.

  • We remain a family company

  • Loyalty and corporate social responsibility are core values

  • We encourage diversity

  • We behave ethically

  • Evolution, not revolution

  • Profit is the result of doing well and not the target


By conducting ourselves in a distinctive, credible and low-key manner, others view us as friendly and likable.

  • We cultivate an atmosphere of trust

  • We communicate openly and in a constructive manner

  • We cultivate team spirit

  • We give recognition

  • We are modest

  • We are friendly to each other