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Additional safety for hygienic processes

Liquitrend QMW43 - The compact device for continuous buildup thickness and conductivity measurement

Publication date: 24.03.2020

Ease of use for fast results

The Liquitrend QMW43 was developed for the food and beverage industry. It can be used to measure liquid or pasty media. Due to the unique use of both conductive and capacitive measuring cycles, the device automatically detects the most accurate measuring mode and uses it automatically. This means that the device can be used without any prior knowledge of the type or strength of the contamination or the medium and without any presettings.

Increase of plant safety and process optimization

Constant cleaning is of great importance as it guarantees the production of high-quality and hygienic products for the end user. Nevertheless, the required time is often considered as unproductive time. How can it be minimized without risking product safety and lacking documentation? The Liquitrend provides the answer. By evaluating the measurement signals, the plant operator knows whether buildup still adheres in tanks or pipelines and how severe it is.

Constant quality by measuring product-specific parameters

End consumers expect consistent product quality. This requires comprehensive quality control with regards to appearance, smell, taste, consistency and shelf life of the products. Liquitrend QMW43 determines and monitors the electrical properties of the products continuously. In the control system, limits can thus be set to immediately identify and reject qualitatively differing products. This reduces laboratory measurements without compromising process reliability and product quality.

Process optimization by monitoring buildup and conductivity

Both signals of Liquitrend QMW43, conductivity and buildup, can be used to monitor and optimize processes like blending or product changeovers. With seamless transition of the signal between conductive and non- conductive media measurement, the severity of the signal instability can give leverage for blending optimization. Even more, the conductivity signal of the device can always be used to define and monitor product changeovers for example between product and CIP.

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