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Multipoint temperature sensors for all industries

Multipoint temperature sensors

Multipoint temperature sensors for all industries

Multipoint assemblies with RTD and thermocouple sensors allow for reliable temperature measurement and safe operation in critical applications, ranging from low to high pressure process reactors as well as for storage tanks. Our standardized and engineered products are designed to customer specifications and provide detailed temperature profiles for optimized process control, increasing plant availability, efficiency and safety.

Material selection, mechanical design, heat treatments and construction technics are the latest state-of-the-art in terms of product optimization.

Portfolio description

Endress+Hauser offers both standardized and fully customized modular multipoint thermometers for various applications.
Our portfolio of multipoint thermometers comprises:

  • 3D-customizable, flexible sensors (with or without thermowell) – MultiSens Flex

  • Linear-profile sensors (with or without main thermowell) – MultiSens Linear

  • Minimally invasive sensors – MultiSens Slim

  • Linear-bundled sensors (on a rope or in a conduit) – MultiSens Bundle

Standardized and pre-engineered

Depending on the specific design, these multipoints can be offered:

Multipoint temperature sensors for all industries - iTHERM MultiSens Flex TMS02 ©Endress+Hauser
iTHERM MultiSens Linear TMS12: robust multipoint thermometer for oil & gas applications ©Endress+Hauser
iTHERM MultiSens Slim TMS21: minimally-invasive multipoint thermometer for chemical applications ©Endress+Hauser
iTHERM MultiSens Bundle TMS31 for storage silos and in oil, fuel storage tanks ©Endress+Hauser

Diagnostic capabilities

iTHERM MultiSens Flex, Linear and Bundle multipoint temperature assemblies are available with a unique and innovative diagnostic chamber, providing additional safety and valuable process information to enable predictive maintenance. It is available in three design configurations: basic, advanced or advanced and modular.

Higher safety, higher flexibility, higher uptime

In addition to containing potential and hazardous process leakage, diagnostic chambers are equipped to provide valuable additional process data which can be used to analyze leakage events and plan timely counter-measures or predictive maintenance and lifecycle activities. A flexible design with replaceable parts (advanced, modular) for configurations with or without thermowells increases maintenance flexibility and ultimately reduces plant downtime.


  • Measuring systems designed for the individual application

  • Straight or 3-dimensional temperature profile measurement for reactors and vessels

  • Design and material selection for high process temperatures and pressures as well as corrosive media