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Making a clean job of it at Emmi

Efficient wastewater treatment with Oxymax COS61D in the Sequencing Batch Reactor of a dairy

Thanks to optimum regulation of the aeration system in the SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor), milk processor Emmi is making energy savings of 40-50% in the wastewater preclarification process.

Sustainable wastewater treatment at Emmi's milk processing plant in Dagmersellen, Switzerland ©Endress+Hauser

Sustainable wastewater treatment at Emmi's milk processing plant in Dagmersellen, Switzerland

Benefits at a glance

  • 40–50% energy savings in the wastewater treatment process thanks to precise regulation of the oxygen pumps

  • Cost savings across the entire process

  • Emmi's concept of sustainability is backed up by long service intervals and the systems' high degree of stability

  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple measuring points and parameters using multichannel

  • The energy-rich sludge can eventually be used in the production of biogas

Rolf Reichlin

The Oxymax is low-maintenance, robust and reliable – it's a top-class sensor.

Rolf Reichlin, Operator
Industrial wastewater treatment plant, Emmi Dagmersellen, Switzerland


The company is committed to minimizing the burden its production activities place on the environment. The objectives were therefore:

  • Sustainable wastewater clarification with a reduction of over 95% in chemical oxygen demand (COD)

  • along with considerable energy savings.

This meant reducing the high COD load of 5,000 mg/l to approx. 300 mg/l in the ICR (Internal Circulation Reactor) located upstream, and subsequently reducing it to approx. 15mg/l in the SBR.

Our solution

At Emmi, Endress+Hauser systems guarantee an efficient cleaning process in the SBR:

  • The digital and optical Oxymax COS61D sensor ensures rapid, continuous measurement of oxygen levels in the wastewater.

  • The multichannel Liquiline CM44 transmitter transfers the values to the control room.

The result is that the cleaning process is supported in a reliable way, and the cost-intensive supply of oxygen is limited. Parallel pH monitoring by Orbisint CPS11D sensors prevents fermentation from occurring.