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Prowirl with integrated pressure and temperature measurement

The vortex flowmeter for a transparent and cost-efficient energy management for steam and gas

Publication date: 04.01.2018

Pressure and temperature compensation – what for?

In the process industry, the pressure/temperature of steam/gases are often not constant. If such effects are not compensated, this leads to massive measurement errors and thus to energy and money losses. With the built-in (optional) pressure and temperature measurement, Prowirl 200 ensures the highest accuracy for determining the steam density and the energy content. The costly installation of four separate devices for flow, pressure, temperature and flow calculation is no longer necessary.

Picture of pressure ©Endress+Hauser

Wet steam detection – for higher safety and efficiency

Steam is used in large quantities in many applications (heating, cleaning or energy supply). But the heat transfer is only energetically efficient with “saturated steam.” But due to faults in the boiler system or existing condensate, “wet steam” often occurs in pipes with serious consequences: poor energy transfer, dangerous water hammers or harsh corrosion due dissolved salts. Prowirl 200 is the first vortex meter that is able to continuously monitor the steam quality and quantity.

picture of steam ©Endress+Hauser

Uniform two-wire concept

As an innovative two-wire measuring device, Prowirl 200 is based on a uniform device concept that significantly reduces the complexity for the user. The new concept standardizes operation, menu structures, function designations, software, interfaces, data management, system integration, error display, documentation, through to product structure. These innovations create long-term economic benefits for customers throughout the entire life cycle of their plant.

Worldwide unrivaled robustness

Prowirl 200 is the most robust vortex flowmeter available on the market. The capacitive DSC sensor ensures precise readings with the highest linearity even under the hardest process conditions. Thanks to its balancing, the DSC sensor is insensitive to system vibrations, temperature shocks (> 150 K/s) as well as water hammer and condensation-induced water hammers. Long-term test measurements confirm that Prowirl vortex meters have no drift even after decades of use (lifetime calibration factor).


    From metering and monitoring to advanced energy management

    We understand the daily challenges and demands placed upon Energy and Utility Managers across the spectrum of steam generation, distribution, and consumption activities.

    Steam Handbook: Steam generation and distribution

    This brochure is designed to give a comprehensive technical overview into what steam is in all its forms, how to measure it, where and why it is used for in industrial processes.

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