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Innovation in process automation

Endress+Hauser's systems are ready for the digital future

The third generation of the Proline series of flowmeters is "Industry 4.0 ready" - the integrated W-LAN connectivity and comprehensive process and device data offer extensive options for process optimization. Thanks to the HistoROM non-volatile memory module, the new devices prevent data loss and enable the easy exchange of components without the need for reconfiguration. The new Proline is "simply clever"; the uniform operating and device concept featuring integrated Web server ensures easy, fast and reliable planning, commissioning and maintenance of the measuring points.

Flow rate measuring technology:

The new Proline device generation

Industry-specific safety concepts guarantee maximum product and process safety – that's how the experts in Weil am Rhein understand 'integrated industry safety'. Heartbeat Technology which is built into the device enables predictive maintenance thanks to the extensive level of test coverage with integrated diagnostic functions, internal verification and the clear, process-independent condition parameter.

More than 80 GHz:

The complete portfolio of level measurement instruments

From the sum of 113 GHz Endress+Hauser provide a comprehensive selection of radar instruments to harmonize customer processes both in terms of cost efficiency and functionality. The range of products and services also includes instrumentation based on all other measuring principles as well as IIoT solutions for inventory control in order to deliver the correct response for any application.

Endress+Hauser introduced Micropilot NMR81 for custody transfer at beginning of 2016, unveiling the world's first high-precision 80 GHz radar for liquids in the tank gauging market.We now see the arrival of FMR6x onto the market; a free-space radar instrument with 80 GHz technology also for use in process industry applications. Endress+Hauser is the only company to have already developed an 80 GHz radar instrument in accordance with IEC 61508 (SIL2/3) which is suitable for SIL applications.

In addition, all Levelflex FMR5x, Micropilot FMR5x and FMR6x devices are now available with Heartbeat Technology. This means customers have their finger on the pulse of the measurement at all times with diagnostic, verification and monitoring functions allowing them to increase plant availability and keep costs and effort to a minimum.

Heartbeat Technology

Described as 'instruments having their own pulse beat', Heartbeat Technology has primarily featured in Endress+Hauser's flow measuring devices until now.

The new Micropilot also fulfills the requirements for predictive maintenance and documented verification. In practice, this means that every measuring point can be verified and documented in situ without interrupting the process. A simple, predefined process guides the person responsible for maintenance through the verification procedure, during which the test results are documented clearly.

The guided SIL proof test according to the safety manual and with documentation saves time and reduces costs. The automatically generated verification report serves as the documented evidence required by regulations, laws and standards.

Heartbeat Technology's monitoring feature makes device and process data available thus facilitating trend recognition for predictive maintenance. The goal is always process optimization. Therefore, a combination of device and process parameters provides all of the important information for the relevant analysis.


Endress+Hauser is launching the iTHERM TrustSens TM371; this thermometer features unique sensor technology with fully automated inline self-calibration for hygienic and aseptic applications. This enables seamless monitoring without process interruption. The result is high product safety and an increase in plant availability. This functionality reduces complexity and drives down cost.

The temperature probe's core component is a unit comprising a primary Pt100 temperature sensor and integrated reference. The physical fixed point is based on the Curie temperature and thus guarantees consistently high measuring accuracy. In conjunction with Heartbeat Technology, the iTHERM TrustSens ensures a continuous and fully independent device function test and provides calibration data for seamless documentation.

A valid calibration certificate can be printed at any time with a simple mouse-click.

Services and Solutions

The services Endress+Hauser offer extend far beyond repair and maintenance. More importantly, the primary objective is to provide customers with an intuitive overview of the entire range of services based on their individual needs. The main focus here is to build a partnership step-by-step to maximize the benefits for the customer in the long term.

Once an optimization project has been completed, Endress+Hauser's vision is to sign long-term contracts with the customer to take over responsibility for the entire service management of the customer's installed base.

Proline 300/500: Flow measurement equipment ready for the digital future ©Endress+Hauser