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Reverse osmosis skid in a desalination plant

Membrane filtration water treatment for safe potable water

Better pressure and inlet quality control drive efficient water treatment with membrane filtration

Membrane filtration water treatment technologies are used in seawater desalination, water reuse and other modern water management processes. The challenge when using such technologies is to obtain longer filtration system cleaning cycles while avoiding irreversible membrane blockage or damage. With the accurate monitoring systems proposed by Endress+Hauser, plant owners can better protect their membrane filtration systems from risks, maximizing availability.

How we can help

Our product and service portfolio optimizes the safety and reliability of membrane filtration water treatment operations. Mechanical protection is monitored primarily by pressure and differential pressure. Flow is used as the basic process parameter. Accurate quality monitoring at the inlet significantly reduces scaling and fouling processes.

  • Precise pressure measurement for optimal membrane protection

  • Quality monitoring at the inlet for longer cleaning cycles


Optimal pressure measurement

Membrane filtration water treatment systems can be vulnerable to damage and wear caused by pressure peaks. Such peaks are difficult to predict; therefore, pressure devices must be resistant to pressure overload, and rapidly deliver reliable measurements in to the long-term.

Optimal pressure measurement
Our expertise in the field

Our robust inlet area pressure measurement solutions enable plant managers to confirm that filtration is running well, and most importantly to promptly detect pressure peaks to avoid filter damage.

  • Pressure peaks can be anticipated using cutting-edge technology

  • Avoid filter damage by reacting promptly to pressure overload

  • Reduced spare part requirements using the installed E+H base

Robust inlet quality monitoring

Controlling inlet quality can increase cleaning cycles. Several parameters are used to control inlet quality: pH, turbidity, chlorine, SAC, conductivity and ORP measurement. The typical requirements for quality inlet measurements are long-term reliability, low maintenance, easy calibration and documentation of the sensors.

Robust inlet quality monitoring
Our expertise in the field

Installed in a bypass, our analysis panels are individually customizable to support easy commissioning and operation. Our digital Memosens sensors support convenient calibration and documentation.

  • Customize your inlet quality control monitoring to your specific parameters

  • Calibrate and document your sensors with ease

Membrane filtration at a glance

Membrane filtration ©Endress+Hauser


Endress+Hauser simplifies even complicated applications with various measuring parameters thanks to our broad portfolio and our innovative technologies like Memosense that enables you to take the first step towards a digital future. This way we can not only help you ensure the availability and quality of your membrane filtration water treatment but also help you to reduce maintenance and calibration costs.

  • 40%

    longer service life of Memosens sensors

  • 250,000

    Memosens sensors installed worldwide

  • 10 million

    devices installed worldwide

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