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Liquiphant FTL41

Liquiphant FTL41

The vibronic level switch in basic applications reduces complexities in your plant

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    • Technical Information (TI)

    Liquiphant FTL41

    German version - 05/2022

    New version available in English


    • Explosion Protection

    Product family: Cerabar M, Cerabar S, Deltabar M, Deltabar S, Deltapilot M, DELTAPILOT S, Gammapilot, GAMMAPILOTM, Levelflex, Liquicap M, LIQUIPHANT, LIQUIPHANT FAILSAFE, Liquiphant M, Liquiphant S, Micropilot, SOLICAP M, STRAHLENSCHUTZBEHÄLTER, Strahler

    German version - 10/2020

    New version available in English

    Product root: FMB50-, FMB51-, FMB52-, FMB53-, FMB70-, FMD77-, FMD78-, FMG50-, FMG60-, FMI51-, FMI52-, FMP50-, FMP51-, FMP52-, FMP53-, FMP54-, FMP55-, FMP56-, FMP57-, FMR50-, FMR51-, FMR52-, FMR53-, FMR54-, FMR56-, FMR57-, FMR60-, FMR62-, FMR67-, FQG60-, FQG62-, FSG60-, FSG61-, FTI51-, FTI52-, FTI55-, FTI56-, FTL41-, FTL50-, FTL50H-, FTL51-, FTL51B-, FTL51C-, FTL51H-, FTL70-, FTL71-, FTL80-, FTL81-, FTL85-, PMC51-, PMC71-, PMD55-, PMD75-, PMP51-, PMP55-, PMP71-, PMP75- Region: Europe Approval agency: BV Protection: Ex i

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